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Picture the scene if you will, you’re an intrepid adventurer standing at the foothills of an unconquered mountain range with the highest peak in clear site. The route to the summit doesn’t look too difficult but you can’t see every detail from where you are standing. So you have a couple of choices – you want to be the first to successfully climb the highest peak and take all the glory. Do you A) buy some rope and set off in your Sunday best with all the determination you can muster or B) consult a guide who knows the area, understands the terrain and can advise you on the best equipment? Many have tried option A and failed.

So now consider the same mountain but think of it as your EQMS project. Are you going to choose option A or option B? The Purple Guide has been written for just such a situation. It’s a simple six part guide to getting the best advice, best equipment and most successful outcome for your project – just so you can take all the glory…

So, all you need to do is order your free copy today and then you can take advantage of the community of contributors and users that we are building within ThePurpleGuide.com. Here’s how, the website has been developed so that there is a resources section with a range of documents, webinar recordings and other useful information to assist you. Plus, every month we will be posting articles to the blog section discussing specific and useful subjects that you can comment on, add your insight to or simply digest in your own time.

Some resources will be available to the public and some will only be available to those with a copy of the book (as your unique user credentials will be within the book itself). We hope that you’ll find this a useful resource and reference guide for your onward journey.

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