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Looking for a new EQMS? Discover a best practice guide to help you on your journey.

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A simple six part guide to making your project a successful one

Picture the scene if you will, you’re an intrepid adventurer standing at the foothills of an unconquered mountain range with the highest peak in clear site. The route to the summit doesn’t look too difficult but you can’t see every detail from where you are standing. So you have a couple of choices – you want to be the first to successfully climb the highest peak and take all the glory. Do you A) buy some rope and set off in your Sunday best with all the determination you can muster or B) consult a guide who knows the area, understands the terrain and can advise you on the best equipment? Many have tried option A and failed.

So now consider the same mountain but think of it as your EQMS project. Are you going to choose option A or option B? The Purple Guide has been written for just such a situation. It’s a simple six part guide to getting the best advice, best equipment and most successful outcome for your project – just so you can take all the glory…

So, all you need to do is order your free copy today and then you can take advantage of the community of contributors and users that we are building within Here’s how, the website has been developed so that there is a resources section with a range of documents, webinar recordings and other useful information to assist you. Plus, every month we will be posting articles to the blog section discussing specific and useful subjects that you can comment on, add your insight to or simply digest in your own time.

Some resources will be available to the public and some will only be available to those with a copy of the book (as your unique user credentials will be within the book itself). We hope that you’ll find this a useful resource and reference guide for your onward journey.


What's the Benefit?

Implementing an EQMS project? Discover a best practice approach.

How do you get the best start to your project

The Purple Guide discusses the best way to start your journey into the compliance mountains and how to select the best guide (consultant) and equipment (vendor) to successfully reach your compliance summit.

Ensuring your project runs smoothly with no surprises

Written by experts with vast experience in implementing both large and small EQMS projects this book discusses many of the key areas that need careful consideration and the best way to traverse potential issues.

Reaching the summit of the compliance mountains

It’s great to get to the summit of your compliance mountain but how do you now ensure that your new EQMS and team stay compliant. This guide will help you understand your onward journey.

Table of Contents

What you will discover within The Purple Guide.
Step 1 - Finding the will to climb
  • 1.1 - Considering an EQMS expedition
  • 1.2 - Understanding the whole undertaking
  • 1.3 - Confirming your journey will be rewarding
  • 1.4 - Obtaining expedition funding (the chicken or the egg?)
  • 1.5 - Choosing your expedition leaders
  • 1.6 - Finding the right guide
Step 2 - Base camp - more preperation, training & acclimatisation
  • 2.1 - Mulling over the mountains
  • 2.2 - Seeing your summit
  • 2.3 - A guide’s briefing
  • 2.4 - Confirming the destination
  • 2.5 - User requirement specification
  • 2.6 - Readiness assessment
  • 2.7 - Risk assessment
  • 2.8 - Climbing practice
Step 3 - Procurement begins at the equipment shop
  • 3.1 - A common yet flawed selection process
  • 3.2 - The right way to size up a salesman
  • 3.3 - Industry standards
  • 3.4 - Choosing how you get a suitable vehicle
Step 4 - The climb
  • 4.1 - The chasm of configuration & confirmation
  • 4.2 - The training traverse
  • 4.3 - Testing the system
  • 4.4 - The validation pass
Step 5 - The final ascent
  • 5.1 - Moving your assets across
  • 5.2 - Archiving
  • 5.3 - Maintenance & support
Step 6 - Living above the compliance clouds
  • 6.1 - Keeping it compliant
  • 6.2 - Change control
  • 6.3 - Audits & reviews

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  • I think you are to be congratulated on this book which is desperately needed and I believe you have largely succeeded in your aim.

    David Selby, Selby Hope International

  • I like what you guys have done here and I think this outlines a very sound approach to EQMS deployments.

    Joe Lucadamo, Focused Consulting

  • It is a great book!

    Kristina Lindgren, Lindgren Strategy

  • I like the book and the analogy with climbing a mountain works well!

    Rob Stephenson, Rob Stephenson Consultancy

  • Very well written, passionate and rational viewpoint: in a very nice prose and well laid out. Congratulations to all involved.

    David Butler, Director of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, LGC Group

  • This is a very cool document. I think this is nicely written and very competent.

    Markus Roemer, Comes Compliance Services

  • The purple guide offers an innovative look at the factors involved in selecting a QMS application and people wanting such an application are encouraged to read it.

    Bob McDowall PhD, R D McDowall Limited


A huge thank you to all our contributors
  • Amelia Eggleston

    Support Manager
  • Bob McDowall

    R D McDowall Limited
  • David Butler

    Director of Quality, Safety, Health & Environment
    LGC Group
  • David Selby

    Selby Hope International
  • Jonathan Burd

    Solutions Director
  • Keith Williams

    Principal GxP Consultant & Managing Director
  • Kristina Lindgren

    Lindgren Strategy
  • Mark Stevens

    Operations Director
  • Markus Roemer

    Principal Consultant
    CGS - comes compliance services
  • Marika Lundin

    Business Development Manager
  • Phil Harrison

    Principal Consultant
  • Robert Stephenson

    Rob Stephenson Consultancy
  • Stephen Long

    Computer Systems Compliance & Quality
  • Steve Griffith

    Vice President of US Business Development
  • Joe Lucadamo

    Principal Consultant
    Focused Consulting

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A simple six part guide to making your EQMS project a successful one

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